Be Are is the lab of Play-Time Group. We specialize in creating experiences through Virtual Reality so you can feel how the future will be.

After more than a decade making images that show the imaginary, it’s time to experiment with it.

Hotel Q Dreams


“Feel the storm caressing your mind”

What we do

Our job consists in making experiences, striving to achieve the best quality. As architects and image makers, our experience and constant need of improvement help us go further into the final result: texturing, lighting choosing the best experience. Using real time rendering engines, we are able to interact with the virtual world faster, changing materials, testing different lighting setups or having infinite points of view.

Turó Parc Apartment


“Less is more”



“A place nowhere”

“The future is now”

Portals Vells

Joan Miquel Segui Arquitecte

Our philosophy

Music is heard all day long. Sometimes the music is interrupted by a phone ringing, a sudden laugh or an unanswered question. If we are not there it means we went down for breakfast, our stomach needs energy too. It’s a great time to share our worries with the rest of the team. We like to favor a friendly work environment and moments like this are essential for this to happen.We do work at Play-Time (a lot!) but we also laugh, talk, share thoughts and knowledge. Enjoying work is possible!

Finca Serena

Unico Hotels

“Sometimes dreams come true”



We offer a global services for a real estate agencies. Images, animations, app’s and virtual reality experiences.

“Home, sweet home”

Illa Natura


Intuitive 360º virtual tours

touch to view

Navas 310


3D models in real time

Jardins de Can Gambús


Interactive mode in virtual reality

Can Fàbregas